I’m Marie. One day I decided that if I ever actually want to be a writer when I grew up I had better start writing. So far, I’ve done a half-assed job of both. But hey, who can blame you when you’ve got a crazy family, a distaste for school, and a restlessness that could fly you around the world on its own steam? I waitress to pay the bills and buy plane tickets too. I spend my time cooking, eating, and pretending I’m writing a book when I’m not slinging those pancakes. Here’s my blog. Check it.

10 thoughts on “About

      1. Hello Marie,

        It is in regards of use of ‘World Traveling Waitress’. It inflicts trademark infringement. I would prefer to inform you of all of the details privately. If you could please email me at your earliest convenience so that we may resolve this matter I would greatly appreciate it.

        Thank you for your time,

        Tara Kroes


  1. Hi Tara,
    As far as I can tell your trademark is for “The Traveling Waitress”; not “Adventures of a World Traveling Waitress.” Additionally, trademarks registered in Canada are not honored outside of Canadian borders. If you have any further questions your lawyer is welcome to get in touch with me.


    1. Marie,

      I have registered the trademark internationally. Traveling Waitress is still being used in your name and therefore is trademark infringement. On the advice of my lawyer if you fail to change/remove Traveling Waitress from your blog by Thursday December 3 2015 I will report you to WordPress under their trademark infringement policy. The mark is registered in association with;“electronic bulletin boards,blogs and forums for transmission of messages among users in the field of writing and travel” My lawyer is confident that WordPress will agree with us.

      I feel that you are an extremely strong writer with a powerful voice and that your articles need to be read. They cover very serious subjects that more people need to be paying attention to. You do not seem to have much writing on traveling and as such I feel that you are not reaching your target audience. Viewers will see the title of your site and expect to be receiving travel stories and advice when clearly your work is much more serious. I feel a name change would actually be in your best interest. Something like ONE STRONG VOICE, or WAITRESS REVOLUTION. I agree with what you said in your article about waitress’ being objectified. You could be the voice needed to start to change that. As a fellow writer, waitress and female I want to work with you and support you, not attack you. Do you think we can work together on this matter?


      1. My lawyer has advised me on how to proceed. You have until Dec 3rd 2015 to remove Traveling Waitress from your name and then I involve WordPress.
        I am sorry you will not work with me on this issue. You are a talented writer and I would like to help you.


      2. I am not opposed to working with you, however I do not feel comfortable dealing with legal matters without speaking directly to your lawyer. I actually really appreciate everything you said in your last comment, but I hope that you understand that being contacted through my comments section and not yet by your lawyer makes me a bit hesitant. “Adventures of a World Traveling Waitress” has been mentioned in local and national media and I have received a lot of traffic because of it; I am not unwilling to work with you but I am concerned about the possibility of losing audience for something that I am not certain is legally sound. As I said, I would be happy to have your lawyer contact me directly.

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