I need more spoons

Have you guys read that thing online where the girl is trying to describe to her friend what having her illness is like? How she has to pick certain tasks each day and she cant take any action for granted? She compares all her energy to spoons and explains that it is very, very finite.

I feel like that too. I used to think that I was just very lazy and now I realize that at times my depression is actually just crippling. I wish I were more organized and energetic and inspired to just cook and cook and write about it all the time. Unfortunately, I really only have the energy to cook here and there, I try to remember to take pictures as I cook for the day when I’ll finally have energy to blog about it. As it is, I have a few posts sitting in my drafts that I never managed to post. And then life happens. I’m moving right now and it’s horrendous. It’s a sudden move. My spoons are going to that. Actually, I feel so overwhelmed by it that I’m using my spoons to write this post so that I can avoid packing.

I’ll try to be better about posting.

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