Things I’m doing to not feel like utter shit

1. Trying to go to bed at the same time on nights before my early shifts. 10:30 is tough with fun neighbor friends, but I feel less shitty.

2. Eating delicious greens! I love those bitches. Thank god it’s growing season and I have an endless supply of local veggies.

3. Drinking an absurd amount of water. (And only 1 coffee a day)

4. Going to both therapy and acupuncture as regularly as I can manage.

5. Making myself get out of the house.

6. Writing and reading more.

7. Watching movies in other languages, even though it’s a bit bittersweet and makes me feel a little restless.

8. Holding standards for relationships I maintain and sticking to them.

9. Thinking about going to the gym and accepting that I’m going to feel shitty about myself at first.

10. Paying my goddamn bills on time.

11. Feeling less attached to my physical belongings and more attached to the positive connections I have with people.

12. Reminding myself that I have proven I am able to do amazing things and that finding enrichment is feasible with my resources.


I’m thinking about an 18 month plan to be done with the diner and the US for a while. Seems realistic.

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