Today I found that my former landlords had spitefully dumped some of my old furniture at my job. I don’t give a shit about the furniture, but I’m pretty fucking annoyed that they crossed the line into my professional life. Good job, grown ups.

I went to get burritos but the place was closed. Settled for some bullshit shawarma. Spilled it.

My phone went crazy again and froze. I lost all of my apps again and a fair few numbers. Luckily it was so recently that it last did this shit that I hadn’t even yet had all of the stuff back on my phone that I normally use. I’m just pissed off that I lost a few specific texts. Again. Good news: angrily checked the date I was eligible for an upgrade and found that it was three days ago!

I have a mango margarita date with my new roomie and a date to the fair with another good friend this week. I just need to stop being so fucking tired. And as soon as I’m done being tired I can write some actual posts and that will be nice.

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