Holy shit. Today was trying.

I took some seriously shit care of my body the past couple of days. I’ve felt sick for like five days and on Friday night I pretty much spent the evening lying in bed instead of packing because every time I was upright I was hit with a wave of nausea that brought me to my knees. I hate being sick.

My arms are bruised worse than a junkie’s and my back is tender and tight. The bruises I don’t mind; they’re almost like a confirmation that I worked my ass off this weekend. Visible physical proof.

Work sucked horrendously. I’m terrified I won’t be able to lift a tray tomorrow. I think a table stiffed me, i got just above 10% from my party of ten, and my last table left me a dollar on a $20 check. I like my morning shifts better. My manager spoke to me as though I had only been working there a week and the cooks were relentless in their comments. My arms were so weak I nearly dropped a tray of food. The diner was at its worst tonight.

Can I win the lottery or something? I have other places to be…and other people to be with. Christ.

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